What I do

How Oluwakemi Makes Real Estate More Profitable For You

Oluwakemi is committed to helping you extract optimum value from real estate – through her work, her coaching and live using technology.

She has helped investors save more than ₦300,000,000 that would have been lost by investors in a bid to invest in real estate. She has also sourced for vantage properties for businesses and closed transactions well over ₦1,000,000,000.00 and counting.

She is an Author and Founder of Strategic Real Estate Value Processes™. A gifted analytical thinker, educator, columnist in Businessday newspaper and wealth process creator with a mission to positively transform the current reality of individual and institutional investors in real estate.

Oluwakemi found out that she was losing money investing in real estate as opposed to making lots of it as is expected. She found the root cause of why she and many other people lose life savings or get stuck investing in real estate. She has been able to create Strategic Real Estate Value Processes™ as solutions to these problems and can take a ready client through a cocktail of processes to optimize real estate wealth as well as cut down loses.

Oluwakemi’s strong belief in the transformative power of real estate as a wealth creation concept is evident in her dedication and commitment in all areas of Strategic Real Estate Value Processes™, which works to help new or existing investors set up; extract optimum value from real estate through the investment life-cycle